17 cute looks for boys with curly hair to get ideas from

boys with curly hair

You want to know what to do with your curly hair? Well, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Cute boys with curly hair give off a great vibe that everyone seems to notice.

Curly hair is a style in and of itself, but it can look a bit messy at times, making it hard to figure out how to style it.

Finding ideas for how to style your curly hair may help you figure out what you can do and how much your hair can handle.

I’ve come up with a bunch of hairstyles for cute boys with curly hair to help you get out of your stressful situation. There will be a few ideas for styling your hair that you will want to try. Read on to see what I have planned for you.

boys with curly hair

17 Cute Boys with Curly Hair That Are in Style

You can wear curly hair at any time of the year. Curly hair can look different depending on its size and shape, which makes it even more interesting.

You might try to do one thing with your hair, but it might not turn out the way you planned. That’s okay, though, because having curly hair is a plus. You don’t have to make it too perfect because a little bit of shagginess adds movement to your hair and makes the style look more alive.

Cute boys with curly hair can experiment with different types of curls if they want to find out what works best for them as they move to a new hairstyle.

Big Hair

50+ Ways to Style Long Hair for Men | Man of Many

The big hair look is great for curly hair that is coarse and frizzy. This way, you can use that texture to make something interesting.

This curly hairstyle is huge, and it gives you a lot of room to play with texture and volume. This hairstyle isn’t just big and curly, but it also makes you look like a cute boy, which is what you were going for.

Curls Afro

How to Get Curly Hair for Black Men (5 Easy Steps) - GroomHour

If you think your curly hair is impossible to tame, this is a great hairstyle for you. This style is pretty loud, and people will definitely look at you twice, but that shouldn’t bother you as long as you are sure of yourself.

If you come from Africa, your hair is likely to be thick and rough. Most of the time, African hair is very thick and curly. When these curls get too wild and hard to control, the afro curls for cute boys with curly hair come in handy.

This hairstyle is good for you for two reasons. 1. Your hair is already big and curly, so it’s easy to make it into an Afro curl style. 2. It looks good on cute boys with curly hair, so why not try it?

This haircut is very cool and stylish for cute boys with curly hair. This style will never go out of style, and we got it from our ancestors who wore their hair like this.

Full head of curly hair

Best Curly Hair Products For Men

Men like the full head of hair with wavy curls a lot. It looks great on any face shape because the curls fall softly on your face and add a little bit of height at the top. People with really long faces will look great with this hairstyle because it will help make their face a better shape.

For this look, curls shouldn’t be too soft or wavy, nor should they be too tight and tight-packed. You just have to find the right amount of curls for your hair so that it has enough shagginess to look great.

This haircut is perfect for cute boys with curly hair who want to spend their summer vacation at a camp with their friends or go on a trip to a warmer part of the country. It will work out no matter what. You just have to figure out how to make things work for you and keep going in that posh way.

Slit On Side

50 Best Short Haircuts for Men in 2021


The side slit helps the cute boy with curly hair look neat and tidy. By giving the front of the hair a buzz cut, this style helps hide a receding hairline.

The sharp slits create the illusion of a contrast with the hair, which makes it stand out and look different from all the other curly hairstyles that end up looking pretty similar.

Along with the side slits, you can add your beard to the style to make it look like a complete look. You could do the same thing to your beard and match it to your hairstyle.

Brush through curly hair

Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Cute boys with naturally curly hair can get this hairstyle by just brushing their hair back. The curls on a comb-over need to be brushed back and combed back with a big comb with wide teeth.

You will need to use a few products to keep this style, since curly hair doesn’t stay in a forced style for too long.

This is a retro hairstyle for cute boys with curly hair that they can wear all the time. It’s a great look for business meetings and other official situations. This hairstyle makes you look classy and elegant, but it also adds a touch of fun to your look, which works out pretty well all around.

If you think this hairstyle is the one, you shouldn’t wait a second longer to get it.

You can easily make this hairstyle look cool by wearing loose-fitting t-shirts and baggy pants with white sneakers and some rings and bracelets as jewellery.


What Are E-Boys? Internet TikTok Boys Explained

The e-boy haircut, which is great for cute boys with curly hair, has been the talk of the town for a while. This is a great hairstyle for people with shoulder-length hair who want to look trendy.

This hairstyle will make you look mysterious and make people want to know more about you. The E-boy hairstyle is not only cool and trendy, but also very popular with guys.


Top 10 Classy and Popular Undercut Hairstyles for Men | Styles At Life

The undercut is a great addition to the hairstyles of cute boys with curly hair because it lets you add your own style to the look. Putting your own spin on a curly hairstyle makes it stand out and gives you more freedom to style it however you want.

If the undercut is exactly what you had in mind for your curly hair, you should make an appointment with your hairstylist and show him this picture to explain how you want your cute boy with curly hair vibe to look.

Curly sideburns and a long beard

4 Easy Steps To Fix A Curly Beard | Mo Bros Beard Care – Mo Bro's

The classic look for cute boys with curly hair is a curly fringe and a long beard. This hairstyle makes the wearer look very cool and stylish.

If you want to hide your forehead lines and wrinkles, the fringes are great. When your curly hair falls on your face, it will help to smooth out fine lines and spots there.

You should only go for this style if you know exactly what you want, because once you have it, you can’t go back, and you’ll probably end up wearing it for longer than you planned.

Soft Loops

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Tie a Man Bun at Home (2022 Update)

Because it adds volume, the soft curls for cute boys with curly hair makes your hair look very soft and fluffy. The curls are not too tight or rough, which adds to the style’s look.

When you touch these soft curls, they feel like a cloud, and they are easy to untangle.

The soft curls hairstyle looks so beautiful. Celebrities have also tried soft curls, and many of them have kept them for far too long.

Closed Loops

30 Flattering Haircuts for Men With Thin Hair

Boys with short curly hair can wear their hair in tight curls. This stylish hairstyle lets you show off your curls and your own sense of style to the world.

Cute boys with curly hair can get this style with a lot less work if they get their hair permed. On the other hand, it takes a lot more work to do it yourself with a hairdryer.

Choose tight curls only if you’re sure you can pull them off, because if you mess up, you’ll either have to cut your hair or wait for it to grow out.

Curls Surfer Boy

27 Awe-inspiring Surfer Boy Haircuts to Rock – HairstyleCamp


The surfer boy curls are a style for boys with curly hair that involves loosely wavy curls. This hairstyle can happen on its own if you surf a lot and let your hair grow long while you’re out in the water. Your hair will pick up sea salt from the water and the sea breeze.

The seawater will make your hair a little wild and frizzy, which is good if you want your curls to last longer.

The salt in seawater makes your hair follicles rough. This makes it easy to wear curly hair and keeps it curly for longer than you might think.

Famous people with curly hair who are cute

Famous Guys With Famous Hair


The cute boy with curly hair can learn from the fact that most celebrities these days have curly hairstyles. Everyone with curly hair, from Timothee Chalamet to Conan Gray, is rocking these styles and making them look great. Even more so because it can be hard to keep a hairstyle going when you have curly hair.

Everyone can pull off the “cute boy with curly hair” look, and even male celebrities are trying it out. It makes them look too nice and friendly, which is a great PR move that helps them.

If you’re stuck for ideas, stop what you’re doing and look at all the famous people with curly hair who leave the house every day with a new hairstyle.

Timoth Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet - IMDb

Timothy Chalamet has the most beautiful curls, and everyone is in awe of how he wears and takes care of them.

Timothee Chalamet is very popular with both boys and girls, and many of them like to copy his sophisticated “soft boy glam” style. Timothy’s hairstyle is a great way to get ideas for cute boys with curly hair who want to look fashionable and stylish.

Corbin Bleu

Here's What High School Musical Star Corbin Bleu Looks Like Today

In Power Rangers: SPD Emergency, Corbin Bleu was the well-known Blue Ranger, but he was then made the Red Ranger. He is known for his beautiful curly hair and for playing Zac Effron’s best friend in High School Musical.

In the early 2000s and late 1990s, kids were crazy about him because he was cute, and girls liked how full of life he was. Since then, other boys have copied his hairstyle, which is now a great look for cute boys with curly hair.

Shawn Mendez

Shawn Mendes Shaves Head

Shawn Mendez’s first hit song was with the band The Vamps. He then went on to become a solo artist and was dating Camila Cabello, who used to be in the band Fifth Harmony.

Shawn Mendez is thought to be one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood, especially when it comes to his hair. He has always had curly hair, and he is totally rocking the messy, curly hair look.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Shares Type 1 Diagnosis Story on World Diabetes Day

In the late 2000s, Nick Jonas and his brothers were very popular. Nick was the lead singer of a band called the Jonas Brothers, and everyone was crazy about him at the time.

He had incredible curly hair that he wore to all of his concerts and TV shows. Since then, Nick Jonas has been an important part of the Curly Haired Boys.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington calls landing 'Thrones' at 21 'a shock to the system'

Kit Harington has become very well known since the TV show Game of Thrones started. Kit has naturally curly hair that he always likes to wear and rock wherever he goes.

Many boys want to have his great hairstyle because his hair always looks great.

Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan: "We are all emotional sponges"

Robert Sheehan’s stunning performance in The Umbrella Academy has mesmerised the audience. People liked him a lot and liked the way he dressed.

People like his hairstyle because it is curly, but he styles it like a gentleman. Robert Sheehan is a great actor, but he is also a good fashion icon.


We now know how great these hairstyles are and that they look good on all kinds of faces, whether they are round, long, or oval. You’ll like cute boys with curly hair because they look so stylish and up-to-date.

So, if these amazing hairstyles have gotten you excited enough, you should definitely go to your hairstylist or barber and tell them exactly what you want. It’s time for you to get a new look, so start grooming yourself soon. Because cute boys with curly hair can totally steal the show and make people fall in love with them just by the way their hair looks.

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