Why do some people fail to lose weight in spite of exercising and diet control?

At times, some individuals fail to see lose weight in spite of following strict exercise routine and diet control as well. Such persons need to try a bit harder instead of feeling demotivated. Plus there are other steps that can help in finding loopholes. No matter whichever lifestyle you follow, these tips can prove to be beneficial.

Look inside the kitchen
In most cases, individual who is unable to lose weight would think about focusing more on increasing the number of exercises that he or she performs on a daily basis. This is something that experts have a problem with. Research has proved that 80 percent of such battles can be won from inside the kitchen. What you eat decides the number of calories that are burnt while exercising. Thus, food needs to be selected on the basis of person’s metabolism and body type.
Whenever you plan to go for rigorous exercise or strength training, start eating food items like grains, brown rice, potatoes, and other starchy carbohydrates at least from few days before you start the training. Avoid starchy items when you plan to stick to cardio exercises. During these days, eat veggies, and stuff full of proteins. Say NO to junk food, including bread, as well as sugary items. While buying food, try to opt for items that have a minimum number of ingredients. Opting for natural, whole food can prove to be the best option.
Avoid eating too much
Sometimes, an individual may not see weight loss happening even after controlling eating habits. In such case, it’s often seen that people end up eating more calories than what they burn during exercising. The math is simple, your body needs to face calorie deficit in order to lose weight.
Avoid keeping your stomach full. Eat slowly, but not too much because overeating can cause a lot of damage. Healthy breakfast and snacking can help you make sure that you never feel too hungry during the lunch and dinner. In order to keep yourself away from binge, don’t hesitate to eat your favorite chocolate and energy bars.
Say NO to too much of cardio
This might sound unbelievable, but too much of cardio can end up damaging your health. You can burn more calories by increasing your metabolism, thanks to lean muscle mass. The important point here is that you might end up burning lean muscle mass due to too much of cardio. Researchers found that people who run 10 miles or more on a daily basis show such symptoms.

This can negatively impact your appetite and you might end up overeating after spending too much time on cardio. Body starts storing more energy in the form of fat so that it can supply the same while you run for several miles.
Thus, only focusing on cardio won’t help much and you must focus on various types of exercises. Perhaps, Personal Trainer Downtown Toronto can guide you to choose the best suitable types of exercises, depending on your health and body type.

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