Beginner’s Guide to the Escape from Tarkov Fuel Conditioner

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner

In this modern world, it’s easy to find admirable and exciting things to do. Technology games are one of them. In this field, where changing needs can be met right away, video games are becoming more popular. Changing how a character looks in a game depends on what the user wants. This changes how the character is seen. Unlocking new items makes people want to play video games even more.

Escape From Tarkov is the only place you can get the Tarkov Fuel Conditioner. It is difficult to discover and obtain. It can be found in certain places or bought and sold from person to person.

With its unique and mind-blowing weapons and items, a shooter game called “Escape from Tarkov” began to take over the game world. The game takes place in a made-up place. And it takes place when two private military companies are at war. The battles between players to stand on one side and play with other players are called “raids.”

Battlestate Games made it as a first-person shooter game. The fact that you can get items and quests is a fun and interesting part of this game that everyone loves. There are more than 190 quests in this game, and some of them require you to get things for traders. The fastest way to get XP is to finish a quest.

Some players even like to gather items to improve their reputation as traders. By doing this, you can open up a lot of new levels, and each level gives you a chance to get new items. Some items are rewards, and some of them are very rare.

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What is the Fuel Conditioner for Tarkov?

A player will have to work hard to get this Tarkov Fuel Conditioner if they want to improve the quality of diesel fuel. It is hard to get because it is rare and has a specific use. Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is made of flammable material, weighs about 1.8 kg, and has a grid that is about 12 inch square. Its effect is a Generic loot item.

One important thing to remember about the Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is that a player can only hold four of them in their PMC inventory at once. It looks like someone stole a fuel can that we use every day. Above the tin can, the words “Diesel Fuel Conditions” are hidden in a code. It can also be called Fcond. Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is very hard to find. Every day, the price of Fuel Conditioner goes up.

How many fuel conditioners can your PMC inventory hold at once?

We plan to keep more Tarkov Fuel Conditioner in our inventory when it becomes important to your survival in-game. But be very careful, because you can’t do that. A player can only have four Fuel Conditioners in his or her PMC inventory at one time.

Where does the Tarkov fuel conditioner live?

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Tarkov Fuel Conditioner can be found in many places, and if you knew exactly where it was, it would be easy to get.


There were three places in factories where Fuel Conditioner could be found.

  • You could find it on top of the desk that is above the safe.
  • There are green boxes next to the pillbox, and one of them has the Dead Scav inside.
  • It’s on the floor of the room where the pumps are.


  • In room 110, which has two-story dorms, there is a bed with Tarkov Fuel Conditioner on it.
  • It is on the shelves in the building where things are kept.
  • When it comes to the area in the woods, it can be seen in the circle.


Fuel Conditioner can be gotten by trading with some people and places.

  • In the Techlight Store, you can change it for something else.
  • Tarkov’s Fuel Conditioner and Power Substation are the same thing.
  • It is also in the back of the Goshan Grocery Store’s storage area.
  • It can be found in different places on the map and near different generators.

The Laboratory

You can find the Tarkov Fuel Conditioner on a box near Exit 1.

  • It is found on the table that has a robotic arm and is found in the caged room.
  • Besides these places, there are 6 more main places.

In Buried Barrel Caches, the Buried Barrel Cache is the loot container where you can find the Tarkov Fuel Conditioner. Along with this, it has other things like money, food, and rare loot. You can figure out where this is and get to the Fuel Container that way.

Dead Scavs,

In the game Escape From Tarkov, it also serves as a loot container. It has a 4-by-4 grid. It looks like the dead body of a scav, and it has Barter items like food and drink, PM’s, and medical loot on it. The conditioner could be found in it.

Ground Caches

It’s called a Ground Cache and looks like the other two loot containers. It has 20 loot experience points and 10 examine experience points.


The jacket is a great way to carry loot, and it comes in two different colours. It is described as having a blue or brown jacket, barter items, food, and most of the mechanical keys it has.

Sport Bags

It is a container for loot that can hold different things, like the Tarkov Fuel Conditioner. It has barter items, medical items, PM’s, and provisions. It is black and red. Its grid size is 5×5. But it only has things that are Industrial or Electronic.

In Tarkov, what can you trade with Fuel Conditioner?

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is not only useful for what it does, but it can also be traded for a new solid item.

  • When you trade Prapor LL2 one Tarkov Fuel Conditioner and two 5L Propane tanks, he will sell you a Metal Tank. Most players like this item to trade.
  • If all you have is a Fuel Container, no problem. You can trade it with Mechanic LL2, who will then sell you 1 X Products X-5 MP5 50-round 919 magazines.
  • If you have too much Fuel Conditioner and don’t know what to do with it, you can trade it for cool things. You can trade Jaegar LL3 10 Fuel Conditioner, 15 5L Propane Tanks, and 15 Dry Fuel for a Red Rebel Ice Pick.

In the Blood of War – Part 2 quest, how many fuel conditioners can you find?

This exciting game has a quest called “The Blood of War, Part 2.” In this part, you can find a Fuel Conditioner. In this part, a player could find Four Fuel conditioner. It is a Handover item that can be found in the raid. Here are some places in Part 2 where you can get the Fuel conditioner.

  • It is in the big chest in the “K” building on Reserve’s front left.
  • It’s on a box near the Exit-1 door in the Lab.
  • It is in the book Woods in the Marked Circle.
  • Shoreline Island is a good place to get it.
  • It can be seen in the “Techlight” Store and the Substation in the Interchange.
  • Both the Hidden Ground Cache and the Burial Barrel Cache have it.
  • You can look in Dead Scavs, Jackets, and Sports Bags for it.
  • It can be seen on the table in The Lab in an unlocked caged testing area.

What do I need to do to start Blood of War, Part 2?

Every gamer would want to go to the next level up so they could get better gear. And a lot of players aren’t sure if they have what it takes to start The Blood of War-Part 2 Quest. You have to finish Level 25 before you can start this quest.

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