Eliza Fletcher

Eliza Fletcher

Eliza Fletcher, a successful junior kindergarten teacher, was born in 1987. Her late grandfather, Joseph “Joe” Orgill III, created the billion-dollar hardware corporation her family controls, Orgill Inc. She is the daughter of a well-known Memphis family and goes by the name Liza at home.

Quick Facts about Eliza Fletcher

Real Name Eliza Fletcher
Aka Liza Fletcher
Works at St. Mary’s Episcopal School.
Profession Junior Kindergarten Teacher.
In Headlines for Kidnapped in Memphis.
Age 34 years.
Birthday 1987
Lives in Memphis, Tennessee
Race White.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Body Measurements
Weight Pounds: 137 lbs. Kg: 62.
Height In centimeters: 167 cm.In meters: 1.67 m. In feet: 5’6″
Hair Brown.
Eyes Green.
Parents Mother: Adele Wellford
Father: Beasley Wellford
Grandparents Late.Joseph ‘Joe’ Orgill III
Love Life
Husband Richie Fletcher
Kids Two.
Follow her
Instagram Instagram
School Hutchison School in Memphis
University Baylor University, Belmont University

Eliza Fletcher has lately made headlines due to her unfortunate abduction; the mother of two is said to have been abducted on Friday while out for a morning jog near the University of Memphis campus.

According to Tennessee police, a corpse discovered on Monday is that of vanished heiress Eliza Fletcher.

The grandmother of two, 34 years old and a community teacher, was the granddaughter of a local tycoon.

She was abducted while running around the University of Memphis campus in the early hours of Friday morning.

Cleotha Abston, a 38-year-old man with a past abduction record, has been charged with Ms. Fletcher’s kidnapping and murder. The charges are related to an event in 2014.

Eliza Fletcher suspect's uncle says whole family is 'wacky'

Her family made a statement after her loved one’s death was discovered, expressing how “heartbroken and saddened” they were.

Liza was claimed to have provided joy to her family, friends, coworkers, students, parents, members of her Second Presbyterian Church, and anybody else who knew her. “Liza brought so much pleasure to so many,” they stated.

“Now is the time to remember and celebrate her magnificent life, as well as to console those who loved her so deeply,” you said.

Ms. Fletcher was a well-known member of the community and the granddaughter of the late Joseph Orgill III, a local hardware mogul and philanthropist who collected a billion dollars throughout his lifetime. According to sources, his firm is now worth over $3 billion (£2.6 billion) and employs over 5,000 people.

Ms. Fletcher was a junior kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School instead of working for the family company.

She disappeared into thin air on Friday morning, at 4:00 a.m. local time. According to police papers, security video showed a guy approaching Ms. Fletcher, engaging in a physical struggle with her, and then pushing her into a black SUV.

Her family has offered a reward of up to $50,000 (£43,330) for any information leading to their loved one’s location after she failed to come home on Friday following her early morning run.

The Memphis Police Department stated Monday afternoon about 17:07 that police had discovered a corpse, but that no identification had been made.

Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping Case/Investigation /

Police confirmed this information after reviewing surveillance video; she was kidnapped and put into a dark-colored SUV at the junction of Central Avenue and Zach H. Curlin Street at about 4:30 a.m.

During the short confrontation, she may have tossed her water bottle and mobile phone on the ground; the phone was recovered smashed. A handful of her possessions were retrieved at the site by police, who took everything away for further examination. Fletcher, a fitness enthusiast, is reported to have jogged along the path.

Fletcher was reported missing at 7 a.m. after failing to come home. Eliza Fletcher’s family is pleading for her safe return and has offered a $50,000 reward for any information leading to her capture.

Who are Eliza Fletcher’s parents?

What was Eliza Fletcher's cause of death? Officials reveal autopsy report  after tragic death of Memphis teacher

Eliza Fletcher was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987 to Adele and Beasley Wellford. Her family has been engaged in a privately owned hardware wholesale firm with a $3 billion yearly revenue that has been termed the world’s biggest independent hardlines distributor.

Fletcher chose not to join the corporate sector and instead followed a new job. She received her undergraduate degree from Memphis’ all-girls Hutchison School, a master’s degree in teaching with a concentration on primary education from Belmont University, and a degree in exercise and sports science from Baylor University. She is now a passionate and caring teacher.

She began her career at Promise Academy in Nashville as a Kindergarten teacher and soccer coach. Fletcher had gone on to teach at St. Mary’s Episcopal School by 2021. According to reports, she got to know everyone of her pupils well and made studying fun for them by praising their tiny and large achievements in the classroom.

Every student is shocked by the news, and they all hope that their instructor is safe and will return soon. Fletcher has always been a runner; in 2019, she ran the St. Jude marathon and finished swiftly enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, the world’s most famous event.

Eliza Fletcher’s husband and children

Richard “Richie” Fletcher and Eliza Fletcher have been married for eight years; they married on March 8, 2014, at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens on Park Avenue; they presently live in Memphis, Tennessee, with their two boys.

To celebrate each event, Richard has shared a picture of them together on Facebook. It will be a vacation picture or a wonderful date with a sweet message; they were a happy family before this terrible incident. They both have a strong and lasting faith in Christ, and their family has been a member of the Second Presbyterian Church for generations.

Eliza Fletcher Answers Questions

Eliza Fletcher, how old was she?

Fletcher, who was 34 at the time.

What are Eliza Fletcher’s height and weight measurements?

Eliza weighed 137 pounds and was 5’6″ tall.

Who was Eliza Fletcher’s husband?

Richard Fletcher, sometimes known as “Richie.”

You may be wondering where Eliza Fletcher was taken from.

Answer: She was abducted from the Zach Curlin and Central neighbourhoods.

When was Eliza Fletcher kidnapped?

Ans: Around 4:30 a.m. on September 2nd.

Which kind of transportation was employed to transfer Eliza Fletcher?

the automobile.

Eliza Fletcher’s hair and eyes are what colour?

Green eyes and brown hair, please.

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