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Will Smith

When actor Will Smith slapped actor Chris Rock, it caused a big stir on social media. Over 50 million people are said to have watched the incident.

Will Smith, an actor and rapper, went on stage at the 94th Oscars to slap host Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett.

Will Smith couldn’t hold it together and blew up because he thought the joke was more insulting. Someone made a Will Smith slap gif.

On the night of the show, when Chris Rock saw Jada, he told her, “Jada, I love you.

“I can’t wait to see you, GI Jane 2!” Jada appeared to dislike the joke by giving a very stern expression.

G.I. Jane is actually an action film in which Demi Moore plays a member of the navy. For the part, she had to shave her head so she could join the military.

Jada Pinkett has alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss and hairline loss. Because of this, she had to shave off all of her hair.

Will Smith couldn’t stand how his wife was being made fun of and embarrassed, so he jumped on stage and hit Chris Rock.

Then Chris said, “Will just beat the crap out of me.” Will also got in his seat and yelled, “Don’t say my wife’s name!”

A few hours later, Will Smith was named the best actor for his role in the true-life movie King Richard, in which he played Serena and Venus Williams’ father and trainer.

A crying Will replied, “I’m sorry to the academy. I’m sorry to all of the nominees. I’m not crying because this is a beautiful moment. It’s not about winning an award for me.

It’s about being able to show everyone in a good light. He also told the story of what the famous actor Denzel Washington told him: “When you’re at your best, be careful, because that’s when the devil comes for you.”

The police department also said in a statement that they would help Chris Rock if he decided to press charges, but Chris Rock turned down the offer because he doesn’t want to press charges.

Will Smith has hit people in public before. He once slapped a Ukrainian reporter named Vitali Sediuk after the man tried to kiss him on the red carpet. It’s the second gif of Will Smith getting hit.

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