How effective is the “Whisper method?” The viral manifestation technique

whisper method

The New Age is all about manifestation these days, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to attract their ideal partner, their dream job, or the picture-perfect life they’ve always wanted and deserved?

People have learned in the last few years that they can make their dreams come true, and one way to do this is with the “whisper method,” which has gone viral.

This popular way to make things happen has completely taken over TikTok. As of this writing, the #whispermethod has been seen more than 106 million times.

But, like pink sauce, is it better to leave the whisper method on TikTok? We dug deeper into this metaphysical phenomenon to give you all the answers, including if it can really help you manifest anything and everything your heart desires.

What is the Whisper method on TikTok? How to manifest using viral trend  revealed

First of all, what exactly is the whisper method?

Sarah Perl, who goes by @hothighpriestess on TikTok, was one of the first people to use the whisper method.

Perl, who has 1.7 million followers who call her “Priestess,” says that the whisper method is used to bring about specific things that involve another person, like a text back, a job promotion, an apology, or whatever else you want.

The whisper method: how to do it

In her most popular video, which has 2.4 million views, Perl breaks down the whisper method.

She says in the TikTok that the whisper method is about more than just thinking positively.

Perl says that before you even try the whisper method, you should take some time to work on your self-concept, which she defines as “the version of you that you want a specific person to see.” By saying positive statements about yourself every day, like “I’m attractive” or “I’m successful,” the person you want to attract will start to see you the way you want them to.

Once you know that, you can move on to the next step of manifesting. Here’s how to use the whisper method if, for example, you want to make it so that someone sends you a text message.

  • Shut your eyes and enter a meditative state.
  • Imagine your specific person right now, wherever you think they might be. Think of yourself as a ghost or spirit walking up to them.
  • Three times, whisper in their ear that they should text you back. Perl, for instance, would whisper “Text Priestess, text Priestess, text Priestess.”
  • Imagine that you’re leaving the room and you’re sure that the person will text you back. “As soon as you leave that room, you must let go of any hesitation,” Perl told TODAY.

Expert tips for successful manifestation

It’s not just what you do while manifesting, say Bryant Wood and Frank Elaridi, co-founders of the Modern Nirvana Conference and co-authors of the Modern Nirvana Oracle Deck. What you do both before and after makes all the difference.

Elaridi told TODAY that it’s important to see the end result in your mind before you start the process of manifestation. “If you want to attract love, think like someone who loves themselves a lot and is full of love,” he says, adding that this should come from a position of strength rather than weakness.

Breathing slowly and with control can also add to the experience. Wood, who is a breathwork coach, says that when you slow down your nervous system by taking deep breaths and exhaling for a long time, you can reach a state of mind where your brain can accept any affirmations you want to tell yourself.

“Your nervous system starts to feel very different. You start to heal, and you can start to get in touch with your subconscious,” he told TODAY.

And when you’re done, you have to send your creation out into the world and let it go. By doing this, you’re trusting that what you’ve manifested will come true.”You have the most power when you let go and accept it,” Elaridi added.

Well, that’s fine, but does the whisper method really work?

What people say varies.

Perl told TODAY that her ex-boyfriends have come back into her life after using the whisper method, even after a year of not talking to them. She added, “I’ve also brought money and job chances into my life.”I’ve done the craziest things,” you say.

Wood and Elaridi wouldn’t have been able to talk to TODAY if Elaridi hadn’t used the whisper method to get Wood to clear his schedule.

“I instructed him in a whisper to reschedule his client, and he did,” Elardi laughed.

But it doesn’t just work for people who are good at manifesting. Regular people are raving about how well the whisper method works for them. People have shared their success with the whisper method in the comments of Perl’s now-viral video. This shows that the whisper method works.

One TikTok user said, “IT WORKSSSS. I did this to my ex-boyfriend, and now we’re back together, and it’s safe to say that we’re both happy.”

“I’m coming back to this four days later because it worked lol,” someone more commented.

Take it from Julia, who is 23 years old. After watching Perl’s TikTok, she used the whisper method.

Naturally, like many other people do, I immediately thought about my ex-boyfriend. Since we broke up, we hadn’t talked in months, and I was hoping to get the apology I deserved from him. So I tried the method and did what [Perl] said to do,” she told TODAY.

She thought of her ex-boyfriend and whispered in his ear, “Tell me you’re sorry.” “I saw this man at the bar a few weeks later. He came up to me with a sad face and an apology, and I couldn’t believe it. She said, “I couldn’t believe it.

Still, some people will say that manifestation is a trick or that it is the same as the placebo effect. Elaridi says that there’s no harm in trying it, especially if you really want something.

“It will never work if you don’t try. And if you try, it might work, which is exciting,” he told TODAY.

Perl echoed Elaridi’s sentiment. You have nothing to lose if you manifest.” “You feel happier and more in charge,” she said.

So, if you want to change jobs, get an apology from an old friend, or get back together with an old love, the whisper method might be the next best step. Who knows, you might have the same luck as the people on TikTok who like to talk about manifestation.

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