How to Do an Egg Cleanse and Read About It: Get Rid of Bad Energies

egg cleanse

When your energy is out of balance, you can feel down or have bad luck. Also, getting rid of that bad energy can help you feel more like yourself again. In this article, we’ll talk about how to do an egg cleansing and how to read one. Read on to find out how to use an egg cleanse on yourself or a loved one.

What is a “cleanse with eggs”?

A spiritual cleanse with eggs is a way to get rid of bad spiritual energy.

People now use egg cleanses to get rid of any bad or toxic energy that may be dragging them down or that of their loved ones. Also, egg cleansing comes from many different ancient cultures around the world, such as Mesoamerica, Scotland, and Greece.

If you have bad luck, are sad, or just feel “off,” you might want to try an egg cleanse.
You can do an egg cleanse on yourself or on someone else.

How to Cleanse with Eggs?

1. Clean the egg with lemon juice and salt water.

Cleaning the egg gets rid of any bad energy it may have picked up. Wash the egg gently in the water while saying your favourite prayer. Also, put a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and squeeze some lemon juice into it. Wash the egg in clean water and pat it dry with a towel.

Even though you don’t have to clean the egg, many spiritual leaders say you should.

2. Pour room-temperature water into a glass.

Grab a clear glass and fill it about a quarter of the way with tap water. Also, you should wait a few minutes for the water to cool down to room temperature before you start the egg cleanse.

3. Use the egg to set a goal before the cleanse.

Take the egg in your hands and warm it up slowly. You can blow or speak your wish into the egg. You can also mention any bad energy you want to get rid of. On top of that, you could say:

  • With this cleanse, I’m getting rid of bad energy.
  • “If this ritual is successful, I will no longer be doomed to ill fortune,”

4. Rub the egg over your head, ears, and face.

Start by lying down or sitting comfortably with the egg in one hand. After rubbing the egg down the back of your head, move it around your face and ears. While your eyes are closed, rub the egg on your eyelashes, and then rub it on your lips.

  • Turn off the lights and light a candle to create more atmosphere.
  • Pay attention to getting rid of any bad energy from the egg. Eggs take bad energy out of your body and store it.

5. Move the egg down your body, dragging it along you.

Think of the egg sucking up all of your bad energy as you move from your head to your toes. Also, turn the egg slowly in a clockwise direction to get rid of any bad energy. While doing this, you can either just think about the present moment or say a prayer.

  • If you are doing an egg cleansing on someone, run the egg over their body in small circles. To get rid of bad energy, they should move slowly from head to toe while staying calm.

6. Break the egg into the water in the glass.

After you’re done cleaning the egg, carefully crack it into the water you had before, trying to keep the yolk whole. Let the egg sit for 5 to 10 minutes so you can look at the water and figure out what you found.

  • The results of your egg cleanse will show you how much bad energy you were taking in. They might even be able to find out what caused it.

What Does an Egg Cleanse Mean?

1. Don’t look down into the glass; look through it.

After letting the egg settle in the glass, put it on a table or counter where you can see straight into it. Also, look at what the egg whites, the yolk, and the water look like. After that, you can use the rules below to figure out what they’re telling you.

2. If water or blood smells bad, it could mean that evil spirits are nearby.

If your blood or water smells bad, it’s a good sign that magic has been used against you. It can also mean that you have a disease or condition that hasn’t been found yet.

  • Do a second egg cleanse to get rid of all the evil spirits.
  • Make an appointment with a doctor if you’re worried about something you don’t understand.

3. Bubbles mean that the egg is taking in bad energy.

If there are bubbles in the water or egg whites, your cleansing method worked. It could also mean that you have gas or indigestion, which are often caused by stress.

  • Large bubbles or balloons in the water show that the egg has taken on negative energy. Also, this could mean that you need to do a second cleansing ritual to get rid of all the bad energy in your body.

4. If there are cobwebs in your whites, it means someone may have put an evil eye on you.

There may also be brown spots in the water or egg yolk. This is another sign that you need to do a second ritual of cleansing to get rid of the evil eye completely.

  • Cobwebs could also mean that you’re stressed out and stuck in a complicated situation.

5. Needles or spikes mean people around you are up to no good.

  • They might be “energy vampires” who take your good feelings and leave you with only bad ones. Or it could be that they want you to fail or not reach your goals.

6. If you see a face in the egg yolk, it means you have a foe.

They might be jealous of you or have bad feelings about you. Try to figure out what the egg means, because that will help you figure out who is making you upset.

7. If the water is clear, it means you don’t have any bad energy.

If the water and egg look fine, there is no bad energy to be drawn from your body. Also, your feelings could be caused by something else, but you don’t need to do another egg cleanse.

  • Try meditation to get in touch with your feelings and figure out where they come from.

Use and read egg cleanse by following the tips and tricks above.

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