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Prabhu Deva style

Style is a dance-based Telugu movie. Released on 12 January 2006, this movie is written, directed, and Choreographed by Raghava Lawrence. The producer of this movie is Sridhar Lagadapati. Mani Sharma and Cinematography give music by Kabir Lal. Cast members of this Telugu movie are Prabhu Deva, Raja, Raghava Lawrence, Charmme, KamaliniMukharjee, DharmavarapuSubramanyam, Kovai Sarala, Jaya Sudha, Lohit, Suman, BhanuChandar, Nagarjuna (SA), and Chiranjeevi (SA). This movie is streaming on aha, which is the online platform for watching Telugu movies for free.


Ganesh (Prabhu Deva), a gifted artist, loses his legs in a mishap arranged by his adversary Anthony. Ganesh trains Raghava (Lawrence) to get back at him and loses Anthony in his own game.

The story goes all around the dance. Prabhu Deva/Ganesh is a decent artist. He beats Anthony in one dance competition. But at that point, Anthony gets Ganesh thrashed, and Ganesh loses his legs in a fender bender. He is discouraged; however, he needs to give his danceability to somebody and make him his beneficiary.

Furthermore, as the story proceeds onward, he discovers Raghav and his companion. Ganesh discovers his beneficiary in Raghava. Also, the story pushes forward with Ganesh and Raghava’s rapprochement.

Lawrence is an acceptable ahead of the pack job. He gives his best on his looks and appearance with the help of Hollywood make-up art. The computerized transitional (advanced shading reviewing) caused him to look chomped reasonably. Going to the drama angle, he is cool. What has the greatest effect on the whole film are eminent moves performed by Lawrence.

Prabhu Deva is great as the artist and coach of Lawrence. Raja, Charmme, and Kamalinee got supporting jobs in the film. Raja is truly adorable. Charmme is utilized as a pawn in the main half to allure Lawrence and make a touch of sentiment between them. Kamalinee played the part of Prabhu Deva’s sister. DharmavarapuSubramanyam and Kovai Sarala’s satire is acceptable. Jaya Sudha did a little at this point in this film. Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi made unexpected doors into this film and cheered the groups up with battles.

The First 50% of the film is excellent. The rhythm in the second half goes down a piece, yet the peak scene is acceptable. Lawrence demonstrates with this movie that he is not a tiny blip on the radar as a chief. Style movie is an exclusive show by Lawrence (heading, activity, and movement) with stunning moves and pleasant minutes. It is ideal to see the title cards in the film that are shot with impaired youngsters moving. Be that as it may, Lawrence ought to have managed the scene of hitting the dance floor with slugs in knees all the more mindfully. On an entire, Style is unquestionably worth a watch and gets all opportunities to get hit. It is up to the maker Lagadapati Sridhar to elevate it to the full degree.

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