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Feogi® - Luxury Made For You

You may use these Feogi reviews to assess a website’s credibility if it claims to offer jewelry for both men and women.

Both Americans and Canadians like exquisite jewelry. This style of jewelry is available in a variety of physical and online retailers. An significant component of a woman’s style is her jewelry. They like donning various necklaces and rings. However, purchasing these items online is risky, and fraud is pervasive in this industry.

Learn more about by reading the reviews listed below.

Describe Feogi.

Feogi® - Luxury Made For You is an online retailer that offers and distributes a variety of accessories, including watches, armbands, chains, pendants, rings, and more. There are many objects that seem magical, yet the costs vary greatly. Some are quite pricey, while others provide decent value.

All products purchased from have a lifetime guarantee. Everything looks like it’s the best there is. But before purchasing, it’s crucial to ascertain its authenticity.

About two months ago, the website was discovered, but the primary owner’s name is concealed, which raises us suspicions. If has SSL certification, which is required for a website to demonstrate its reliability, is it genuine and not a scam?

You have 14 days to return it, but you won’t be reimbursed for your shipping expenses. Once the order has been made, it cannot be changed or cancelled. You must receive your order in order to cancel it, then get in touch with the company to learn how to send it back.

Feogi specifications

  • Website link-
  • Products: They have a lot of different jewelry for both men and women.
  • Domain Age – December 23, 2020
  • E-mail address –
  • Number to call – Not Available
  • Newsletter – Yes, you can get it
  • The address of the company is 15030 Ventura Blvd., #586 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.
  • Shipping is free, so there are no shipping costs.
  • Time to get there: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Exchange – Yes, it’s available.
  • Within 14 days, you can get a refund.
  • How to return something: Within 30 days.
  • Connections to social media – Not Possible
  • Two to three weeks to sell the item
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay are all ways to pay.
  • You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.

To find out more about what makes great and what makes it bad, read Feogi reviews. Is It a Top-Ranking Website?

  • Age of domain: It was put up for sale on December 23, 2020, so the shopping portal is 1 year, 2 months, and 27 days old.
  • Expected Trust Index: It has a trust index of 60 percent, which is very good.
  • Reliable Official Address:  Reliable Official Address: The designer has put a real address on the interaction detail for the portal.
  • Official Contact Number: The number to call is missing.
  • Community Presence: No promotional websites were listed on the portal, which we learned from Feogi Reviews.
  • The proportion of Plagiarized Content: 63 percent of the content on the shopping portal is the same as that on a similar shopping site.
  • Illogical Rebates: The store gives a 10% discount on goods.
  • Proprietor Detail: Not found.
  • Alexa Status: Not secured any rank as per Alexa ranking Checker.
  • Strategies:  Distinct sheets for every strategy have been formed.

Knowing the Positive and Negative Facts

Feogi’s Benefits You Should Know Legitimate:

  • The website offers a variety of payment options that are all encrypted using HTTPS.
  • There is an SSL certificate for the store.
  • In order for consumers to trust a company, our study identified all the critical policies, including refunds, returns, and shipping.
  • The official address may be found on the shopping portal’s Detail page.
  • The online store offers ranges of designer and contemporary jewelry.

Negative Facts:

  • The owner’s name is absent.
  • There is no phone number provided on the customer support site.
  • We were unable to learn what its social media followers thought of it since it lacks social media sites to promote it.

How did you learn to read the reviews of Feogi?

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The website received a 95/100 score on the business algorithm graph, indicating a high online presence. The shopping portal’s prominence was aided by its excellent trust rating. We found some positive comments about the website from its users on an internet review site.

There is no Alexa ranking for it. Here, we advise the buyer to become as knowledgeable as possible about using PayPal to obtain their money back if they were defrauded. Even though we discovered all the necessary information, the fact that part of it was missing caused us to question the store’s dependability.

Customer Feedback on It

Customers have left positive comments regarding the website and jewelry images on the Feogi shops’ website, which includes customer reviews. The remarks are all so kind and thoughtful that it appears as if they were meant to be that way.

When we checked at other websites, we discovered complaints and queries regarding this one. Therefore, we are unable to declare for certain if it is genuine or not. You may learn how to request a PayPal refund here.

Is Feogi authentic or a fraud?

Website has been operational for two months. It features a selection of accessories for ladies that showcase their quality of construction. The website is securely linked to HTTPS. Although the website is registered with WHIOS and has an SSL certificate, the owner’s name is not shown, which raises some red flags in my mind.

It offers us a fantastic value and enables us to return the item if it breaks during our ownership. Really, it’s a great value. A warning sign concerning the website is the fact that the review is exclusively on the reviews page of

What Is The Policy On Refunds?

Feogi claims that you can request a refund of your purchase within 14 days, but not for the cost of shipping. The products cannot be returned after the order has been made. Call the company right away to find out how to return an order if you want to cancel it.

Before you can return or exchange something, you must go through the approval procedure. By sending an email to, customer service, you may request an authorisation form. We only accept warranties that are accompanied by warranty cards.

How to get your money back after making a mistaken purchase is not something we were able to find out.


Jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and other items are sold by Feogi. Since we haven’t uncovered any convincing proof that this website is authentic, we are unable to comment on these products.

Due to this, we are unable to determine whether this website is worthwhile to purchase or not, so it is best to wait for more accurate information and consult the Feogi Reviews. Learn how to request a refund using your credit card.

Frequent Questions (FQAs) Regarding Feogi

Feogi com: is it reliable?

There is an SSL certificate for the store. In order for consumers to trust a company, our study identified all the critical policies, including refunds, returns, and shipping. The official address may be found on the shopping portal’s Detail page.

How long does Feogi take to ship?

Because we are always coming up with new concepts, we create everything to order. You should get your things between 2 and 4 weeks after your order has been sent. due to the upcoming Delta epidemic and COVID-19.

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