Solo Uniacke is Rosamund Pike’s son. Here are some interesting things about him.


Solo Uniacke is the son of Rosamund Pike, who played Amy in “Gone Girl,” and her boyfriend, Robie Uniacke. He is their first child together, and he is Robie’s fourth.

Solo was born in the late 2000s, and he will be a teenager in just a few months. Pike and her boyfriend, on the other hand, have done a good job of making him and his brother unpopular or at least out of the news.

There are, however, times when Rosamund has talked about how her boys are doing. Check out all of those in the headings below, with a little more focus on Solo Uniacke.

Solo Uniacke’s parents and date of birth

The British actress Rosamund Pike and her mathematician boyfriend Robie Uniacke had their first child on May 6, 2012. His parents are both from Britain.

Robie Uniacke, Solo’s dad, was born in the UK in 1961. Robie is an entrepreneur and math researcher.

Uniacke was good at math from a young age and had a natural talent for it. He went to Eton College in Windsor, England, and got a degree there.

Why Solo Uniacke’s Name Is What It Is

Pike once said that she and her partner, Uniacke, chose the names for their sons because they had “strength” and stood for things that were important to them.

The Wheel of Time actress said this about why Solo and Atom were given their names: “Names should have strength. These names show that the person has their own mind, which is something I value. “That’s it.”

Solo and his brother Atom also went to school in Prague on a Ural, a motorcycle and sidecar from the Russian army in 1946. Their mom, Pike, was working on the Amazon series Wheel of Time at the time.

Solo is one of five children.

Atom, Solo’s little brother, was born at the end of 2014. Solo has four half-siblings from his father’s two marriages before he met his mother.

Pike gave birth to her second son, Atom, at home, but it’s not clear if she did the same thing with her first child, Solo.

Pike once told Live with Kelly and Ryan that her sons Solo and Atom travelled a lot, even though they mostly lived in London. She said that her boys had grown up in many different places. Atom, who is two years younger than Solo, is his younger brother.

Rosamund Pike Talks About Being Solo Uniacke and Atom Uniacke’s Mother

In 2014, 43-year-old Pike told the magazine Glamour that becoming a mother had given her a new perspective on her acting career.

“With children, you spend so much time re-experiencing the world as a child experiences it, and that has a nourishing effect on your imagination – in my job, imagination is key,”

said the star of Pride and Prejudice. Pike had said many times that she had thought about having children and that she would like to have more than one.

Parenting Alone Aren’t Married

Since 2009, Pike and Uniacke have been together. Pike and Uniacke, who are the parents of Solo, have been together since 2009. His parents, on the other hand, haven’t gotten married yet.

The Oxford graduate has said many times that not marrying the father of her sons is a nice way for her to break with tradition. The Gone Girl star told Vogue the reason why she didn’t get married in 2012:

“You try to do the right thing and the conventional thing, and it doesn’t work, and then you’re free again.”

Then Pike said, “It’s fun to break all the rules. I’m not married, but I have a baby, and that makes me feel so much better.” Pike, who is Solo’s mother, used to be in a relationship with director Joe Wright.

In 2008, the couple broke up a month before they were to get married. They were together for about two years.

Pike was with actor Simon Woods before she was with Wright. Robie Uniacke, Solo’s father, was also once married to Emma Howard.

Robie, who is 61 years old, had one son with Howard. His name is Robie Jonjo Uniacke. After he got a divorce from Howard, Solo’s father married an interior designer named Rose Batstone. This relationship also didn’t last long. Even though they were only married for a short time, they had three children: Hector, Olive, and Florence Uniacke.

Uniacke, Solo Father Robie Uniacke once lost all of his money and was also a drug addict.

Back in 2016, Solo’s father ran into some money problems. Robie Uniacke, who was running Pale Fire Ltd at the time, saw his company go bankrupt and himself become the subject of an investigation.

Uniacke was on the board of directors for the company. His company would have trouble making money and go bankrupt before closing in 2016. Later, investigators found that Uniacke owed Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, or HMRC, $250,000.

He may have avoided paying 179,602 pounds worth of tax. They also found that Uniacke was taking large amounts of money from the account of his company to pay for his own needs.

Solo’s father would later say that he did it, which caused him to lose his job as director of his company. Even before he met the English actress, Pike’s children’s father had problems with drugs.

It seems that he and his first wife, Emma Howard, both used heroin. In fact, one of the reasons the couple broke up was because they were both addicted to illegal drugs. Robbie went to rehab and is now clean and sober.

Solo can speak Chinese

Solo and his brother seem to know a lot about the Chinese language. The boys learned a lot about the language from their father, Robbie Uniacke, who is also said to speak Mandarin very well.

Solo may have started to understand Chinese characters when he was only four years old. His actress mother once posted a video of her sons teaching her Spanish because she couldn’t speak it.

In February 2021, the British star was on “The Graham Norton Show” to tell a funny story about how her sons were teaching her Mandarin.

“I’ve got my kids homeschooling me. Because I don’t speak Mandarin and my kids do.”

Solo Uniacke and Atom went to a bachelorette party together once.

Solo’s mother told Jimmy Kimmel Live! in February 2021 about a funny thing that happened when her two sons were out having fun. Her family and she were living in Prague at the time.

Pike told Jimmy Kimmel about a time when she was out with her two sons, Solo and Atom, and they ran into a Bachelorette party by accident.

“Last summer, I took [my children] on what I have heard is very sort of wholesome and traditional Czech activity to do with kids, which is to go river rafting,”

the actress from Fracture said.

Then she said,

“And there’s a lovely town called Cesky Krumlov quite near Prague and we went. And it’s this beautiful stretch of rivers — and there were rapids and weirs — and I took my two boys out on this inflatable raft.”

The Bafta nominee said he didn’t realise that it was also a very popular activity for a bachelor or bachelorette party in the Czech Republic.

Pike then said that she and her sons were travelling when they saw a group of women in bikinis in a boat with a huge inflatable man with a huge erection following them. The Oscar-nominated actress said that after that, her kids were very interested.

Solo and Atom, Pike’s sons, seemed to find the men and women at the bachelorette party interesting. Later, their mother told Kimmel, the boys would even try to act like them at home.

“I mean, my kids have never stopped sort of acting drunk ever since. They’re emulating it. They thought this is clearly what adults do. This is our future,”

“I graduated from Wadham College,” he said.

Review of what Solo and his brother did with toothpaste
During the same interview with Kimmel, 53, the I Care A Lot star also talked about a project Solo and Atom worked on where they reviewed different kinds of toothpaste.

It seems that the boys did reviews of different kinds of flavoured toothpaste, which host Jimmy Kimmel later used on his show.

How rich is Solo Uniacke’s father? How much does he have in the bank?

Solo’s mother is a millionaire, with an estimated net worth of more than $6 million, but the way Uniacke made his money is a huge mystery.

Even though Robie’s finances took a hit when his business failed, what he is worth now hasn’t been taken into account yet.

Even so, reports that have a small chance of being true say that the father of six is also a millionaire or at least makes six figures a year.

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