Stay Fit and Maintain Calorie Intake

Maintaining the right diet and body temperature is very essential for your metabolism and basal metabolism rate. The BMR means the amount of calories which your body burns when it is at rest. The body burns at rest when you usually perform strength training exercises. Strength training or muscle activity exercises require rest and they burn calories when you are at rest. The account is between 50 and 80 per cent of burning to use all the energy. However, the amount of calorie requirements vary based on age, activity levels, gender, food intake and body composition and muscle energy. Learn all this and more in the Personal Training.

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What is Calorie and Metabolism?
A calorie is unit of energy and it is the measure of amount of energy which raises the temperature of the body of 1 gram of 1 degree Celsius. Calorie is often described in foods which mean that the potential energy which is stored in food that gives energy to your body. It is said by nutritionists that calorie is amount of energy in foods and the amount of energy you can use. Basal Metabolism Rate is maintaining of body temperature and circulation of blood to keep the heart rate constant.

How Physical Activity is related to Fitness of your body?
Personal Training Fitness activity and calorie intake go hand in hand. You cannot eat extra high calorie food one day and think that, you can burn that little bit tomorrow by doing extra hour of exercise. The rates at which the calories get burnt per day are not necessarily proportional to the amount of calorie intake you take per day. Hence, in order to stay fit, regular physical activity is essential. The physical activities can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve the overall health of your body. Fitness and personal training exercises are done in order to stay fit and lose weight. As everyone knows, obesity is the mother of number of problems in our body. Hence, in order to get rid of it; it is essential to have a balanced diet, regular exercise and sound sleep.

Few tips to assess:
• Record your pulse rate before and after cardio activity.
• Measure the amount of time, it has taken to complete the task – whether walking for a mile or climbing steps of your building
• For strength training exercises, notice the changes in amount of weight you can lift
• For stretching and core exercises, count the number of sit ups or push ups you can do at once.
• Lastly, keep a check on body mass index.
Secondly, choosing the right fitness program is very essential. Having the right set of goals and exercises for your body type is necessary. If your aim is to burn fat, include cardio and strength training exercises in your schedule in 4:3 ratio. If your prime focus is to obtain abs, then focus more on core exercises and stretch workouts. Create a balanced routine, without focusing on a particular exercise for long time. This will help from boredom and letting your body in comfort of monotonous activity.

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